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About Us
  J Cross Miniature Herefords is owned and operated by Travis and Arlou Cox, est. 1994 located in Ellensburg, Washington in the heart of the beautiful Kittitas Valley.

As J Cross Miniature Herefords, we are carrying on a family tradition of raising Hereford cattle. The tradition started in Dimmitt, Texas; with “J Cross Hereford Cattle” there my grandfather raised Herefords accompanied by his sons.  The Herefords then were the smaller stock, which the cattle we raise today are reminiscent of.

J Cross Miniature Hereford Cattle have been shown in many major shows throughout the nation. We have listed some of these shows, such as National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, Iowa State Fair in Des Moines Iowa, North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, California State Fair in Sacramento California, Western State Fair in Montana, Northern International Livestock Exposition in Billings, Montana, among several other shows.

J Cross knows that the promotion of Miniature Hereford cattle with our young
people today is a goal that will enhance and achieve success for the for the
breed of tomorrow, with this in mind we can say proudly that we have been able to place Miniature Hereford cattle in the following states, Utah, Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, California, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arizona, also Canada and many of these were shown by youth exhibitors who are possibly beginning their career with cattle. The J Cross Miniature Hereford cattle are a perfect fit for the very young show cattle enthusiast due to size and compatibility.

J Cross Miniature Herefords are continually working to improve our breeding program which is based around proven genetics that can produce quality cattle for the progressive breeder and by initiating this practice we have developed and acquired some of the top females in the breed to enhance the J Cross cow herd, with this  we are very excited.  Here at J Cross Herefords, we also work diligently to improve and produce herd bulls that are, low maintenance and very functional, one of the ways that we accomplish this goal is by specifically using proven bulls in our herd.  As a result of our determination to bring more consistent conformation, thickness, muscle development, heavier weaning weights, to our program, and still stay within the Miniature Hereford guidelines, the continuity of our cattle are proving to be more profitable in the pasture and in the show ring.

As J Cross Herefords, being the first to introduce these cattle to the Kittitas Valley, and one of the first to bring quality genetics to Washington State, we are always willing to work with anyone who is interested in beginning or adding to their herd. We look forward to working with you and helping you meet your goals.


Miniature Hereford Information

Investment Potential!
Miniature Hereford cattle have the potential to become a second income or a fulltime business. The Miniature Hereford market is expanding and will continue to grow as it gains recognition for its true commercial value. Which means the market is not to saturated, yet, which presents a money making opportunity and an investment in your future! Miniature Herefords may also be used to classify small acreages for agricultural exemption status and tax credit.

Higher Stocking Rate
Miniature Hereford cattle may be stocked at a higher rate and may produce up to 40% more beef per year on the same pasture. Miniature Herefords are an ideal alternative for small and large acreages, with the ability to stock more head per acre.

Time & Labor Efficient

As with any breed of cattle you will need to have working facilities available for vaccinations, dehorning, and various other circumstances when you will need to confine your Miniature Hereford, although smaller these animals are still cattle.
Miniature Herefords are easier to handle than the larger breeds, with the easier manageability of these cattle, the maintenance cost on equipment, fences etc. may   be less expensive.

The feeding requirements are the same as standard cattle, attention towards your minerals/supplements, as well as your vaccination program should ensure that you have healthy animals. Miniature Herefords have a high rate of feed conversion. They can maintain excellent body condition on lower quality of roughage, although this is not recommended if you are planning on showing your animals. You will have lighter feed requirements as you are feeding a smaller animal.

Calving should be uneventful if you pay close attention to your animals, especially your first calf heifers, at calving time. Birth weights for the Miniature Herefords can range up 55 pounds depending on your bull selection and condition of your heifer/cow at calving time. Again as with any cow/heifer problems can arise and should be monitored regularly during the calving season. We provide literature on these issues at the time of purchase.

Heifers are able to be bred at 15 months old, in order to have the heifer calve at the age of 2yrs, although, it is recommended breeding the heifers at about 18 months of age to allow for more maturity. Breeding heifers earlier than 15 months of age is not advisable. Bulls can begin to breed as early as a year, but use them sparingly as they too are still maturing and injuries may result.

Ideal Carcass Size
Miniature Herefords produce smaller carcasses and smaller cuts of quality meat. Cattle that are raised All Natural, and Hormone Free will produce the quality meat that today's health conscientious family is looking for. The steaks are smaller, yet will satisfy the average person, plus it saves the inconvenience of finding a buyer for the other half of beef, and All the steaks are yours!

what exactly is a Miniature Hereford?
First and foremost, Miniature Hereford Cattle are full blood Hereford cattle, registered with the American Hereford Association.
The original purpose was to develop a small, efficient beef animal. That goal has been accomplished by improving the cow/calf weaning ratio, the rib eye area per hundred weights, the dressing percentage and the tenderness due to genetics.
 The Miniature Herefords are an ideal way to fill the need for the person who desires to have animals on small acreages, to be self sufficient by raising their own beef. They can be used to classify small acreages for agricultural exemption status, a full-time business, as a secondary source of income or group investment ventures. The smaller cattle are easy to handle and make excellent show animals for 4-H, FFA or national shows

Cattle are measured by "frame score" which is the measurement in inches from the top of the hip to the ground. The table for scoring miniature cattle starts at 1 and goes down to 0000. Whereas the table for the average sized bovine starts at 1 and goes up. With this in mind your measurements should not exceed 45” measured at the hip for a mature 3 year old female and not to exceed 48” measured at the hip for a mature 3 year old bull.

The Future
There is a growing demand for healthy, organically raised beef. Our ever changing society has realized that people are becoming increasingly overweight and that adopting healthier eating habits are a must. Enjoying a steak from one of the miniature beef is an excellent way to start improving on your eating habits; they are smaller cuts but are still enough for the average person without consuming too much.

The Miniature Hereford is continually gaining national and worldwide attention with the price of food continually rising and the farmland decreasing in size daily, the public is beginning to educate themselves more on the benefits to raising their own beef. The Miniature Herefords have been featured on ABC World News Tonight as well as having an article printed in the Wall Street Journal. Keeping these facts in mind, our future is unlimited with the Miniature Hereford Cattle.

Fundamental Traits of the Miniature Hereford Cattle
  • High Feed Conversion
  • Disposition
  • Ease of Handling
  • Hardiness
  • Adaptable to various climates
  • Higher profit ability
  • 3:1 ratio per acre, compared to modern beef
  • Smaller cuts of beef, ideal family size
Points to consider for the novice cattle buyer
Consider the time you have available, your commitments to family, off-farm employment, friends, etc., and decide if you have the time and the support to be the steward and caregiver of a herd of cattle.

Consider what you and your farm can be expected to sustain in terms of management, feed, pasture maintenance, quality and quantity of forages, proper veterinary care if needed. 

Consider the manageability of your breeding program, to ensure quality genetics.

Raising Miniature Herefords can be a very rewarding experience for those who are well prepared for the experience they are about to embark upon.

Travis and Arlou Cox
3830 Clerf Road • Ellensburg, Washington 98926
Cell: 509-899-0422 • Home: 509-899-0422 • Email: tac12@charter.net

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